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sutukil: now THIS is the way to eat

In places on May 19, 2012 at 9:53 am

when in gensan, this is what we suggest you do for dinner: take a tricycle to tiongson street and look for the sutukil and barbecue stands. we did just that our first dinner there and had a most remarkable meal.

sutukil is an acronym for sugba (grilled), tula (soup), kilaw (raw things soaked in vinegar or citrus). the basic concept of a sutukil joint is you pick out fresh stuff and tell the staff how you want it cooked. these were our choices

it was a dizzying array and we were so happy just being able to make such choices! in the end we had grilled tuna panga (cheek and jaw), shellfish soup, grilled squid and grilled eggplant. everything was so fresh and the shellfish soup was particularly delicious! for this spread plus rice and 4 beers we paid P850.

this is what we mean about having good local produce easily accessible particularly in coastal towns. the sutukil places that night were packed with locals – they knew how to eat right, and we were overjoyed because at that moment so did we.