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a dinner date to pick up the weary

In Uncategorized on March 9, 2014 at 11:07 am

the past two weeks have been a little rough. well, the past two months have been hectic, but the past two weeks have been particularly so – which is why we decided on a nice, kinda fancy dinner. a datey date. 

we’ve been generally wary of dining french because we’re afraid the food might be to rich, heavy. but something tugged last night to champetre at the fort, and we’re glad.

first dish – a special of the night, an appetizer not on the menu. so following the rule of always ordering the special, we agreed to try the portobello mushrooms in cream and baked with an egg


terrific mushroom flavor! tasted some thyme in there. the cream wasn’t heavy at all – just rendering a nice, silky base to the dish. underneath that, a perfect egg. unctuous and earthy. lovely way to start the meal.

then the main course – good thing we were told this was good to share so we didn’t order another main: algerian couscous with lamb chops and sausage


served with a rich mediterranean soup (afraid i can’t recall what it was called)


the whole thing worked together: with chicken and beef, and we saw onions, tomatoes, zucchini, cloves and chick peas in it – the broth was robust and, poured over the couscous, gave a wonderful flavor base that in no way contradicted the lamb. the chop itself was perfect – seasoning and doneness – although the sausage was a little on the dry side. the little bowl contained hot sauce, a delightful punctuation to the dish. inspired. washed down with a chateau saint jacques bordeaux. perfect.

dessert was homemade almond and honey ice cream


deeeelicious. texture not as creamy as we would have thought ideal (ie, there was a bit of ice in there), but the flavors were really very very good. a bright, perky note to end the meal on.

the vision for this restaurant (i read somewhere before) was to provide french countryside cuisine. rustic and hearty. it does just that. french food that is not snobbish, but with all the flavor that the cuisine is famous for.