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piccolo padre. maybe needs one more taste

In places on February 23, 2013 at 5:37 pm

this write up will be a quick one.

we were initially hoping to have dinner at our favorite italian restaurant in subic, a tavola. but when we got there, it was gone, demolished. kaput. most sad.

so we decided to have dinner on our way home instead – in piccolo padre in clark. now the reason while this will be a short entry is that my tummy wasn’t in great shape and so i couldn’t eat too much and all the food we ordered was rich.

first dish – oysters rockefeller

clark oysters


in our opinion there are really only two ways to go wrong with oysters rockefeller: 1. the oysters aren’t fresh or 2. the sauce is too overwhelming. fortunately this wasn’t the case with this dish. it was flavorful, but just short (albeit not by much) of being heavy handed. the oysters were also not bad, although they certainly come plumper and fresher in other parts.

the other dish was a prawn and crab meat risotto

clark risotto


this, too, was very flavorful. an obviously very hearty stock stirred in the rice. and it was also just short of being a little overboard. don’t try this without wine.

so while i’m afraid i can’t dissect the tastes too much, in general our conclusion about piccolo padre is that it is worth a visit if you’re in the area. still not sure if we’d drive from manila just for this – right now our thinking is not really. and it isn’t cheap. the average cost of a dish is around P400, P500.

we’ve heard good things about this restaurant. and our first experience was not bad. but we’re still open to finding that one compelling reason to recommend piccolo padre with enthusiasm.