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antonio’s grill: kind of like a poor relation

In places on July 8, 2012 at 2:03 pm

because of our really great experience in antonio’s a couple of months ago, we were excited to try antonio’s grill as soon as we had a chance for dinner in tagaytay.

antonio’s grill has a great location along the ridge and the interior is very pleasant. wide and cool with the red and white of the original antonio’s.

since antonio is from bacolod, we ordered two of the better known dishes from the area: batchoy

and chicken inasal

i wonder if it was fair for us to compare these to what we have in negros. on one hand, these are not prepared in the local context by cooks who have spent their lives perfecting the flavors; on the other, these are done by a renowned restaurant name whose flagship restaurant is always mentioned among asia’s best.

we were, in a word, underwhelmed. the flavors of these dishes, while correct, were muted. some time during the meal i wondered if it was because there was a western aesthetic of subtlety being applied when these are not actually subtle dishes. whatever it was, they were simply not as tasty as they could have been.

price-wise, reasonable. we spent P400 for a bowl of batchoy, an order of pa-a (thigh and leg) and isol (ass). but perhaps better to order something else. on our end, we decided to just save up a lot and grab a steak at the original antonio’s where, apparently, the gastronomic delights are concentrated.