ho hung kee (not to be mistaken for hunky ho)

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still on the cheap michelin star thing, we also made it a point to dine at ho hung kee – famous for their wonton noodles and congee. founded in 1946, ho hung kee started as a small noodle stall and just recently moved into the upscale hysan place. we saw the size of the congee serving and decided we couldn’t manage, but we did make sure to have the wonton noodle soup


what makes a superior noodle soup? our technique-and-not-just-flavor theory seems to hold here as well. the actual noodles had the perfect texture: they were firm and springy, you could feel each individual strand. the wonton wrap, very light, amazingly held form throughout. the taste was of course good, but not mind blowing. so we’re sticking to our belief that what makes this a cut above is technique. and this was supported later on when we had some random noodle soup a couple of days later – the wrap was thick and clunky and the noodles a little clumpy, although the broth and actual wontons weren’t far apart in flavor.

we also ordered another house specialty, the rice roll



we got the sampler plate – and unfortunately i forgot what they were filled with. i’m sure there was shrimp in one but the others are lost to me (forgot to take notes). this dish also very satisfactory, we’re praising again the texture of the rice wrap. however, i realized that this form is not my favorite because of the wrap to filling ratio – a little too much wrap. and this was also true for what we had in tim ho wan so i understand it’s the way it should be. but i personally wouldn’t mind a little more filling.

still on the wrapped stuff dishes, next was deep fried dumpling, aka pinsec frito


loved this. light and crispy. but you know, we had something very close to it in a shabu shabu place in manila (lau chan along mabini – we’ll write about that soon) so while this was a little lighter, the one in lau chan is also very good.

the last dish was the one that gave our palates quite an adventure: fishballs with a fermented clam dip


that dip was unlike anything we’ve had. in theory, it could have resembled bagoong isda, but it didn’t. its flavor was far more funky – more fermented (?) much closer to the whoops-stored-that-a-bit-too-long end of the spectrum. we ate the whole dish, it was good. but yeah – considering we’re filipino and fairly adept at fermented condiments, this one was really trippy.

i’m afraid i didn’t note prices either. but the whole meal cost us something like HK$200 (P1200) so it wasn’t crazy expensive. the noodle soup i remember was HK$35.

so yeah, ho hung kee is something we’d like to come back to because we missed the congee and it did look spectacular.

that and the fact that there is a major major apple store in the building.

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