shock your stomach into wakefulness with an indian breakfast

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in little india in penang, there are spice shops where you can buy almost any spice you want on a per gram basis. the colors and smells are so bold, extravagant. and we remember why white guys from europe sailed to asia and waged wars – the spices, the spices are that sensational.

after buying our spices and dates – the dates were crazy inexpensive (at least by our standards). something like less than P150 for a kilo – we decided to have brunch at an indian restaurant called woodlands. because we were limited to their breakfast menu, we had idli


this is essentially, a rice cake. puto. but with lentil flour mixed into the rice flour. dip into the gravy and munch happily. the other dish we had was an onion pancake (afraid i forgot the name). the idli was something like 2 RM (P30) and the pancake around 4 RM (P60).


so yeah, these guys don’t hold back on the spice no matter what conditioning your stomach is in. none of this breaking in with milder food. first thing in the morning and everything is already bold and brazen. and understandably so. the cuisine hails from the subcontinent that possessed the coveted spices. they made superb use of this prize.


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