our first encounter with kway chap

In Uncategorized on December 21, 2013 at 2:54 pm

this post has been a long, long time coming. 

it’s the first of a couple of entries about penang. now penang has got to be one of the food capitals of the world. a whole bunch of what we know about malaysian (and singaporean) cuisine hails from this part of the country. 

the first dish in this series is something we stumbled upon quite by accident. i was looking at a food map and trying to get to this popular char kway teow stall around lebuh kimberly. but we were so hungry and the stall appeared to be located at the end of the street so we were getting rather grumpy, and then we saw this


and we had no idea what it was, but it looked sensational. then we saw a whole bunch of people come up carrying plastic containers taking out the food. so naturally we had to order some. once assembled, the dish looked like this


and we dug in and it was delicious. the broth was thick and savory and hot! it was filled with flat noodles, duck, pig innards, and an egg. each morsel was tasty on its own. the whole dish was beautiful! it was actually the most expensive dish we had in penang at 7 rm or around P100 (yes, one hundred), but it was a massive serving. we could have easily split one bowl.

full and sweaty and immensely satisfied, it was only then we thought to ask what the dish was called. after many whats from me (poor hearing) i finally understood: kway chap.

apparently a fairly common dish, this is something that we would like to try again somehow. but part of me thinks it may never be as good as the one we accidentally stumbled upon at a corner of lebuh kimberly.

(for those who might find themselves in penang and would like to try this, the stall is along lebuh kimberly, but is at a corner. near the sin guat keong coffee shop)


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