an unfortunate oil spill at poco deli

In eating in manila on May 28, 2013 at 8:41 pm

poco plate


we are sausage and cheese fans and so happily got this treat from poco deli in kapitolyo. for P550 for a double serving we got 3 kinds of sausage and 3 kinds of cheese. satisfying, really can’t go wrong with something like this.

the main reason we will be staying away from poco deli is their sliced steak on a bagel sandwich (P200). on paper, it sounds almost perfect, sliced US beef on a sandwich topped with mozarella cheese. and when it got to our table, it did look yummy

poco sandwich


but after the second bite, it turned out to be deeply flawed. the problem in one word: GREASE. the meat was oily, greasy and way overseasoned. almost like it had a knorr bath or something. and then there was mayo and then the cheese. just too much. the bottom piece of bread was soaked through with grease. beef fat would have been ok, yummy even, but not oil and grease.

here’s how the plate looked sans sandwich. glistening.

poco grease


now it may be us. this place is very popular and their products do look most interesting. maybe we just had a bad break with this one. but right now it isn’t worth the drive out. maybe if we find ourselves in the area and with a strong hankering for deli meat.

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