cue. waiting for a chance to return

In eating in manila on March 12, 2013 at 10:14 pm

cue popcorn


i’m a sucker for restaurants that serve free things as soon as you sit down. and i’m a sucker for popcorn. so when i saw people munching on popcorn while waiting for their orders at cue restaurant in bonifacio high street central, i was instantly happy. even if our popcorn was taken from another table that didn’t eat it. ok, yeah, i should be a bit upset at that. but at that time it was no biggie. the restaurant was very busy and, hey, it was free popcorn.

but what made us really REALLY happy was the steak and bone marrow taco (P485). read all those words: steak, bone marrow, taco. beautiful, yes?

cue steak


the dish is actually under the appetizer section and consists of a slice of steak cubed up and served with a nice hunk of bone with marrow in it, tiny flour tortillas, chimichurri and corn. very very nice. the meat is very tender and tasty and the condiments are a perfect match. and bone marrow. no need to say anything more, really.

now for me grilled meat is a food group unto itself so it was with great anticipation that we waited for the main dish of the night: baby back ribs, dry-rubbed and grilled (P650 half slab).

cue ribs


it was good. nice, bold flavors. the balance was also good. but the meat could use a little more tenderness. and maybe just a tad more flavor in the inner parts. i wouldn’t call it underwhelming, but it didn’t elicit gasps of delight. so we’re not 100% sure if we’ll be having this again especially given a lot of other interesting items on the menu.

but that steak and marrow taco? absolutely worth going back for.

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