chateau hestia. one reason why tagaytay is much more than the ridge

In places on February 16, 2013 at 4:42 pm

hestia out

the first time we heard about chateau hestia was when we passed by their deli along the sta. rosa-tagaytay road. while the selection was not particularly wide, it was interesting especially since we have very little exposure to austrian food and wine. it took some time though before we got to the actual restaurant, but we certainly enjoyed our visit.

our first visit to chateau hestia we had their gravlax (P285)


it was a good serving, the salmon was nicely cured. but while we understand that gravlax must have an element of sweet, we found this a little bit too sweet. not to the point that it was unpleasant, but the sweetness prevented us from snarfing the dish down (or ordering it again).

we also tried their pizza reale – pizza topped with assorted cold cuts (P500)

hestia pizza

this pizza was good, crust was thin and crisp. the topping flavorful without being overwhelming. but it was a good pizza, not a great one. and at that price, there are certainly others much better.

despite the food not being particularly stellar, we decided to come back and have christmas day lunch at chateau hestia. this time we had the sausage platter (P380 single, P560 to share)

hestia sausage

now this was more like it. the sausages were very tasty (one variety, the darkest one, we were not very familiar with). the sauerkraut most generous and also delicious. this, we will go back for.

we had a salmon pasta that was rather forgettable.

the other dish we tried was kummelbraten – a traditional viennese roast pork belly with servietten knodel, a bread dumpling.

hestia pork

we were excited to try a more traditional austrian dish and this one was very nice. but i wonder if this is really how it’s sliced traditionally or do some households serve bigger chunks of pork? i wonder because this way the meat ended up being a little tough. but that might also be because the quality of the pork itself wasn’t that good – it was a bit too piggy. but that was minor and overall the dish was satisfying and at P440, didn’t seem too expensive. wouldn’t have minded though one more slice of pork and one less slice of bread.

each time we went, we ordered a bottle of Grϋner Vetliner “G+K white wine and loved it. the wine tastes like green apple and is as fresh as the air in this place.

on some top chef episode, the judges said that you go to a restaurant for the food but come back for the experience. and this is why we came back to hestia. and why we’ll probably go back again. the place is lovely, very charming. you don’t necessarily need to eat here. it’s treat enough to sit there with a glass of wine or a beer and enjoy the cool crisp air.


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