ninyo. it’s good, but this can’t be the only option in QC

In eating in manila on January 20, 2013 at 4:03 pm

ninyo sushi

one day, we were looking for a nice, quiet, elegant meal. it was a friday night so we didn’t want to have to go through traffic. we were in quezon city – near UP. even morato seemed a little hectic. and so we decided on ninyo.

this was our appetizer. a baked prawn sushi with a side salad. it was good. not a stunner. but very satisfying. and conceptually certainly a winner. best with the side salad which provided the fresh kick it needed.

then we had our main dishes. camille had pasta vongole

ninyo vongole

and i had a hanger steak

ninyo steak

so these were, again, good. maybe even very good. the cook who executes these is very competent. for a meal with these 3 dishes and a bottle of wine we paid P3,000 (!)

and that’s where my beef (yes, i know) with ninyo lies.

it’s a good restaurant, don’t get me wrong. again, it might even be very good. but it isn’t great. it isn’t superb. and it is very expensive. the ambience is charming, yes, but it’s showing signs of wear. the staff is also not bad, but not excellent. so ninyo has the feel of an almost fine dining restaurant, but it isn’t there yet. or has passed its peak already.

the unfortunate thing is, there’s nothing around that area of QC that can fill the void. but maybe the next time we get the same desire, we’ll just brave the traffic. or stay home.


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