nolita – a restaurant for feeling stuffed

In eating in manila on January 18, 2013 at 12:35 pm

nolita pizza


these are slices of nolita’s pizza. the white one is spinach and artichoke and the other one is italian sausage. and they are both quite good although camille and i lean towards the italian sausage because of its spice. they are both big and hearty. and heavy. true to the restaurant’s name – north of little italy, a community in new york – the food is more american-italian than local italian.

so while this still won’t be our go-to pizza place (personally we prefer the lighter, fresher pizzas), nolita certainly caters to particular cravings. like with their potato chip fries

nolita chips


a more upscale version of shakey’s mojos. if you like fried potatoes, you’ll love this.

they also have burgers and dishes like chili

nolita chili


while this wasn’t as complex or had optimum depth of flavor, it was still a very satisfying bowl of chili.

nolita is also reputed to have one of the better cannolis (if not the best) available in manila. agree it was very good and certainly worth trying here. actually, it’s not a terrible idea to come here just for dessert.

the first time we went to nolita we got a seat inside and came out smelling too much like food. not very pleasant. and the food didn’t seem good enough to entice us to come back. but then we had occasion to come back to the fort and figured a slice of pizza would be nice so we decided to give nolita another chance. this time we sat outside and it was way way more pleasant. it made the overall dining experience much better.

each time we spend something like P300,400 per head. overall this is still something we won’t be looking for a lot – especially given meals are rather pricey. but nolita is one of those places that’s always a safe choice. and, when it comes down to it, who doesn’t like pizza.

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