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shi lin – a new (at least for us) go to place

In places on October 6, 2012 at 11:33 am

this is a bowl of wonton noodle soup from shi lin. it’s one of the nicest bowls of chinese noodle soup we’ve had. see that broth? it’s actually deceptively clear because that liquid packs a lot of flavor. the wonton is fresh and light, well-seasoned. really, a great piece of food.

and so continues our love affair with shi lin – a restaurant that many have discovered before us, but we’re quite happy to be part of the crowd of fans. really good taste at great prices. this bowl was just a little over P100.

as i love jellyfish, we also had this

loved this one too. cool and refreshing and perfectly chewy! not much spice though – wouldn’t have minded more heat in this one. but at around P100, there’s no way to not order this.

the last dish for this stint was the fried prawn cake

better than expected. great crispiness, prawn flavor intact. the serving wasn’t that big so this is best suited as a nice snack. in fact nothing about shi lin points to it as a pig out place. that’s not what it’s about – it isn’t one of these big chinese lauriat places.

but there are few places that are of this scale that offer flavors as balanced and as delicate as shi lin. this can very easily become your go to place for a chinese fix.