nomama – not your mama’s ramen. but maybe it could have used a few tips from her

In eating in manila on September 15, 2012 at 4:29 pm


nomama (located at the corner of scout tuason and scout castor) apparently generally gets mixed reviews. and so it shall be with this one as well.

we were there last week, friday night dinner. it was pleasantly uncrowded (it was even easy to find parking!). and, what the hey, open kitchens are always interesting. very interesting too was the nomama menu. the dishes kinda sounded japanese, but certainly not the regular ones we encounter in more conventional japanese restaurants. and right off the bat, we want to express our admiration for the chef’s attitude of swinging for the fences.

we started with mushroom gyoza (P125)


texturally very good, but crazy sweet. we loved the fact that the dumplings contained not your usual pork and shrimp combo, but yah, way too sweet.

the next dish, the tuna spring rolls (P290), was a definite winner


this was raw tuna rolled in with some dressed alfalfa, spicy ponzu, and plated with some edamame. true to the minimalist principle. beautiful on the plate. the flavors were fabulous. a fantastic dish.

the next dish was a ramen (but of course!) we had the house ramen (P295) which had soft boiled egg and chashu – braised pork present in many ramen variations.


on the good side it was robust and hearty. the noodle texture was good and the chashu was quite tasty. but i must say i couldn’t understand the flavor of the broth. i wasn’t exactly sure what it was trying to do. of course i’m totally willing to admit it’s a failing on my part and perhaps another tasting is in order to “get it.” but for now, that’s the impression i’m left with.

so, yeah, a mixed review. but this is a restaurant we’re willing to come back to – that menu is too interesting to just leave alone. and we truly appreciate the aristry and playfulness brought into the kitchen. so maybe the next visit will result in something less mixed.


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