chef’s home – a new favorite in baguio

In places on August 27, 2012 at 3:27 pm



for those who love to order crispy catfish salad in thai restaurants (as we do), feast your eyes on this! one whole catfish, fried crisp and topped with fresh mango, tomato, cilantro, basil, and mint. perfectly dressed and seasoned. this dish has forever been reinvented in our eyes.

finally we can add another restaurant to our regular baguio portfolio. we first heard about chef’s home from our friend ginny mata who was telling us about a hole-in-the-wall thai place that was terrific. when we were up last weekend, we decided to look for it. the first thing we learned was that it’s no longer a hole in the wall. chef’s home is a nice cozy space almost right across the street from the mansion house. the small scale operations though are still apparent when you see their menu which is still just a white board on one wall.



be prepared to wait a while for your order – something like 30-40 minutes might be typical. the orders are processed per table so remember, if you can, who arrived right ahead of you. when you see them getting their food, you’re not far behind.

so we had the catfish (P580. a little pricey, but hey it was a whole fish. when you order this item you pay by fish weight), and we wanted to try one of their bestsellers so we went with the squid curry egg sauce (P250)


this dish didn’t slap me in the face as i somewhat expected it to, and i have mixed feelings about that. one the one hand the flavors were mild and subtle enough that i could taste every one. and it was very good. but on the other hand, i kinda was hoping for a curry that would fight through the cold and rain. maybe we should try this again when it’s a little moderate out and judge again.

we also tried their stir fried okra (P80)


enjoyed this one very much as well. a simple dish. sesame oil, soy sauce. crisp pork fat, garlic, onion. at this price it’s totally unskippable. we had the thai fried rice as well (P80 for a single serving)


mild enough to serve as an accompaniment to food (as opposed to being a dish unto itself) but flavorful enough to enhance.

our main unhappiness came from the restaurant’s beverage selection which was composed of softdrinks and bottled iced tea or juice. bordering on unacceptable. we think the proprietor doesn’t allow alcohol (although we were all set to bring in a bottle of riesling) on religious grounds. that’s fair enough. but a freshly brewed iced tea or fresh fruit juice would be much better with the food.

and this is what we hope we’ll find the next time we go there. and we will definitely be going back. see that menu? we intend to try every dish.

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