a few tips on eating in hawker centers in singapore

In places on July 24, 2012 at 8:46 pm

we’re not experts on singapore – not at all. but we’ve had a couple of trips in quick succession and had most of our meals (if not all) in hawker centers. some of the famous ones are lau pa sat, newton, and old airport road. in our opinion old airport road wins by a mile. that’s where all these pictures come from. but wherever you go, these tips should be useful.

Number 1. Be calm. When you step into a hawker center, you will be at once faced with around 100 food stalls all with a number of signs like this

Don’t be intimidated. Take your time until you find something exactly to your liking. Don’t worry, all of it will taste good.

Number 2. Many of the stalls are in fact serving the same thing so it’s not like you have infinite choices. A lot serve either exactly the same dish or some variant of stir-fried noodles. The popular ones are easy to find because they have long queues.

Number 3. Sit near where you’ll buy food or buy food near where you’ll sit. It’s easy to get lost otherwise.

Number 4. Eat your food piping hot. That’s when it’s at optimum deliciousness. Don’t take your time chatting – you can chat after you’ve eaten.


Number 5. Bring tissue and hand sanitizer. The stalls won’t give it to you and sellers will try to peddle at P70 (SGD 2) for a small pack.



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