zubuchon, a nibble of the heralded “best pig in the world”

In places on July 14, 2012 at 12:13 pm

the second i found out we had a chance to go to cebu (for a conference), i immediately searched for zubuchon and where to find it. zubuchon is the lechon that anthony bourdain tried when he was in the philippines (a really fun episode of no reservations) and he pronounced it “the best pig in the world” which is quite an honor given he’s known to be a huge pork aficionado.

anyway, we found a zubuchon branch near our hotel in mactan but, alas, they didn’t have whole pig left! what they had was lechon liempo which appears on their menu as boneless lechon. we decided to go for it after being convinced that it was cooked exactly the same way as a whole pig would.

yes, it was very very good. not exactly though the sort of thing that would make me close my eyes and go mmmmmmm as i savored each flavor. there was a fine, subtle herby undertone (lemon grass and something else perhaps?) it was well salted and none of the heavy porky taste that can make things unpleasant.

but honestly, i’m not sure i’m willing to pronounce it best lechon or liempo much less best pig. but yes, it’s very tasty, very moist and that skin is every bit as good as it looks. to make a full evaluation though i still want to try the actual lechon version as i’m a fan of lechon ribs and would need to try the flavors from there.

to cut through the richness of the pork we had seaweed salad

very fresh, well-presented and with a really nice vinegar mixture on the side.

to drink, zubuchon’s famous kamias shake

this drink is a stunner – retaining all the good flavor of kamias while losing the bite that would make you pucker. don’t drink anything else here but this. we spent P400 for the whole thing (the pork was half a kilo) and felt it was pretty good value.

i thought i’d get to try the full pig version at the airport, but they were also sold out when we got there. i suppose we’ll have to wait a bit longer to really sink our teeth into a zubuchon lechon. what they did have frozen for take out was sisig – but since i’m from pampanga, i though it was safe to pass on that one.


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