grab a crab in gensan: there’s actually a way to be let down by crab

In places on May 17, 2012 at 5:32 pm

despite having the privilege of being able to travel around, one place we rarely visit is mindanao. so we were both excited and apprehensive at heading to general santos city. there was little information we could find online as to where to stay and where to eat, but one place we saw being recommended was a restaurant called grab a crab, and so we decided to give it a shot.

there were 2 branches in gensan – one at the robinson’s mall and their main branch along laurel street. we went to the latter one because it was closer to the hotel. the menu excited us because there were so many choices. after careful consideration, we went with the chili garlic crab

let me make it clear from the start that this was not a terrible dish. it wasn’t even perhaps a bad dish. just… mediocre. it was heavy-handed. and the crab itself totally disappeared flavor-wise. admittedly too i was surprised by their prices. P900/kilo. in a city known for seafood in a country as cheap as the philippines, i found it unacceptable.

the other dish we had was the grilled tuna belly. we also had high hopes for this – gensan being the tuna capital of the philippines

camille’s first comment was that the tuna was frozen before it was cooked. if it was, that’s an awful thing in a city whose economy is driven by a fish port. but we actually can’t say for sure. what we do know is that the fish didn’t feel like it was in its prime of freshness. either that or it was just dreadfully overcooked. it was certainly over-seasoned. or, more accurately, over-knorred.

the only really good thing we had at this restaurant was their durian shake

now this was really good. rich, creamy, unadulterated durian flavor. the perfect shake. and at something like P60 (or P90), it was reasonably priced. the waiter asked how we liked our food and we said we really liked the shake. he looked a bit crestfallen.

they also have this weird (ie, illegal) practice of not issuing receipts for purchases under P1,000. i took it as a sign that their business isn’t doing too well. so while this is a generally recommended restaurant, we’re going the other way and saying maybe it’s not the best idea. the quality of the food was just too much of a let down.

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