green tangerine, hanoi

In places on May 3, 2012 at 10:31 am

being in vietnam, we wanted to make sure we tried a french restaurant. or at least a french fusion one. there were lots of choices but the most convenient to go to was green tangerine, so that’s where we went. the restaurant is a converted old house with a wide patio, so that was quite charming. as expected from an upscale restaurant, the staff was competent and accommodating.

the thing is, we were too full for dinner so we decided to have two starters and some wine instead. i suppose that was a good thing because the prices were really on the high side. more expensive than the french restaurants in manila and i really found that both strange and disappointing. heck, green tangerine made antonio’s seem inexpensive.

i tried the scallops carpaccio

this was, obviously, a beautiful dish. great color and plating. the squares were pineapple, mango and beet. my main concern about this dish was the beet. i couldn’t see where the flavor fit, or what it was supposed to do. it dulled the brightness of the other fruit. all in all not bad, but perhaps not something i’d recommend.

camille went for the duck liver mousse

served as a parfait, this was actually quite delicious. and with the crunch on top, texturally full. very nice. camille made a comment that it was too heavy to serve in the warm weather – and she was right. considering green tangerine changes its menu seasonally, this was an odd choice. for those who want to give it a try, a word of advice – share it. the dish is rich and heavy and perhaps should not be consumed by one person alone. this can easily serve 3 given its richness. but yes, flavor and texture wise really good.

so for these two starters and a glass of white wine (mapu sauvignon blanc, not an expensive one), we paid 500,000 dong (P1250). in a manila-based restaurant like, say, champetre, that amount can get you a main course and a starter. so yes, on the pricey side. but still we’re happy to have given it a try. there’s always something new to learn food-wise.


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