a seafood banquet at lab-as. with aftershocks!

In places on February 27, 2012 at 7:02 pm

we arrived in dumaguete just as the big earthquake hit and dumaguete was confused. some stores were open, some weren’t. few vehicles were plying the streets. before we got there, we were determined to have a good seafood dinner. it was a good thing that the popular restaurant lab-as was open that night.

we started with obvious choices – kinilaw na tanigue

as the picture shows, this interpretation of the dish contains a lot of liquid. not a bad thing at all because it was very tasty. not as tangy and spicy as my personal preference lies, but delectable in its own right.

the other starter, fresh oysters

so fresh we were near the tank where they were fished out. a tank that shook and the water swung as a couple of aftershocks hit while we were having dinner. intense. but these oysters were very good. best we’ve had in a while.

starters out of the way, we then ordered grilled squid

this was also very nice. tender and juicy. i’m sure the freshness of the squid had a lot to do with the success of the dish.

we also had chili garlic crab (also from the swishing tanks)

sadly, it was this dish that fell short. the crab itself was very good. succulent. but the sauce… so-so. i couldn’t understand actually what it was going for and there was a mildly unpleasant burnt undertone. not to say stay away from the crab, not at all. just maybe go with another sauce.

we had one more dish – the dumaguete express – which was a medley of seafood in coconut milk. by the time it arrived, however, our hands were in full use as utensils, camille couldn’t take a picture. the dish wasn’t bad – a little on the mild side, but just the sort of thing that would work well with hot rice.

i can’t remember the price per dish but everything cost just a little over P1,000 – very reasonable at manila standards. the restaurant itself is nicely located, across the street from the bay. it was a very pleasant and cool night. and we had a good view such that we could see a tsunami coming, just in case.


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