kri in dumaguete

In places on February 23, 2012 at 11:29 am

before arriving in dumaguete, we did a bit of reading on where to eat. KRI was a restaurant we encountered quite a bit among the blogs. and when our friend ian casocot, who has a dumaguete-based food and arts column, suggested we try it we happily went along.

KRI has an open kitchen which is interesting. i enjoyed seeing the equipment used to heat up the wok, and really appreciated the cleanliness of the kitchen, it was also informative to see a pre-frozen tomato sauce being used for a number of dishes.

camille wanted a simple, hearty pasta and went with the seafood linguine

this dish fit the bill perfectly. it was indeed hearty and flavorful. a straightforward dish, is another way to put it.

i asked the waitress about their bestsellers and she mentioned the asian short rib which i tried

this was also very flavorful. bold asian tang and spice. easy to see why this is a bestseller.

ian had a beef dish named after genghis khan, his usual according to him.

a good blend of what one might expect of “mongolian barbecue” spices – thick and sweet. this dish made good use of the flavor of bell peppers for extra bite.

i can’t remember the price of each dish, but it ran into something like P220 per. i’m on the fence regarding overall evaluation. the food is good, yes. but not anything particularly special. the ambience though is very charming and the dish selection is enough to generate interest for a couple more visits. so maybe i’ll place this as something good and reliable and then try again for something that will wow.

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