good times at adarna food and culture

In eating in manila on February 11, 2012 at 10:53 am

the first time we went here, it was just for dessert – now we were a big group and dinner was part of a string of festivities since camille’s best friend sunshine came to visit.

lots and lots of food! starting with a sigarillas salad with bagnet bits (P150)

a revelation to most of us. who knew sigarillas raw (or at most very lightly blanched) would work this well? with the traditional filipino dressing of vinegar, onion, and tomato. the bagnet bits of course work wonders.

another starter was fried lumpia (P100)

a nice lumpia, very tasty. still wondering though what would make it cost so much.

carb fixes were pancit tondo (P160) and batanes yellow rice (P150, family size)

the pancit wasn’t bad. a nice, solid, rather flavorful dish. but the table favorite was the rice. with tumeric and garlic. lovely undertones here – went perfectly well with most of our other dishes, starting with piassok (P320)

a dish native to sulu, it has very clear relations to the indonesian beef rendang. slow-cooked in coconut milk and spices, the piassok was quite toothsome. although much milder than beef rendang, it does still tickle the palate. but we’re not sure if this mildness is how the dish should be. we started to second guess because of the papaitan (P140)

it could have been that adarna was holding back on this dish to make it cater to a wider range of tastebuds, but this was certainly weak in terms of the bitterness and bite that a hardcore papaitan has (hence the name, right).

more bold in flavor was the humba (P200)

thick and sweet, just the way humba should be.

so yes, we had quite a full meal at adarna. it wasn’t exactly a gastronomic delight, but it was a good selection, hearty and tasty. and the charm of the place really is the whole experience – a nice old house, great antique decor… overall, we will still recommend it, especially if you’re in this part of town (kalayaan, quezon city near the city hall).

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