discovering korea in subic

In places on February 1, 2012 at 9:53 am

we were in subic christmas night and found ourselves with limited dining choices. but one place was shining bright – at the corner of canal and labitan, diagonally across the poco a poco hotel. we’re not entirely sure about the restaurant’s name but the sign said “seafood grill and restaurant.” remember these directions well, because you will want to eat here.

we were drawn first by the lights and then by these vents hanging down from the ceiling. now we know these are fairly commonplace in many korean restaurants, but this was the first time we became aware of them. naturally, we now wanted to eat something grilled at the table.

we also had the fairly usual bulgogi

these were served with the usual array of condiments

but the major discoveries for us were the leaves and soup. the leaves used to wrap the meat – usually we just see regular lettuce, but this time we were given sesame leaves

these were great! fresh with a nice pungent undertone that lent a good flavor contrast to the sweetish meat. now we know. we’re not having korean barbecue without it.

the other find was cold noodle soup.

it was sensually startling. deep blood red. and cold. not really knowing what to expect, we plunged into the dish – it was delicious. very refreshing actually. not as spicy as it looks, but enough for a little zing. this soup had a cooling effect balancing out the heaviness of the meat. very nice. again, we won’t have korean barbecue without this.

this restaurant has now become a benchmark of sorts for us. everything was so well done – with subtle and nuanced flavors. it wasn’t necessarily cheap – we spent something like P600/head. but then we had a lot of food. some restaurants in manila are cheaper, but are not as delicate. so when in subic, do give this a try.


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