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hotel salcedo de vigan (where to stay in this museum city)

In places on January 2, 2012 at 9:58 pm

we spent the holidays on a road trip to the north. the farthest we planned to go was vigan, ilocos sur. we figured we had to book a hotel ahead of time – what with the christmas rush and all. and so our choices were limited to hotels with a good working website through which we could reserve. we ended up choosing hotel salcedo de vigan

the hotel was right in the center of the heritage village. we opted not to take the calesa or any tour and just walked around town. we liked the location of hotel salcedo because while it was near everything, it wasn’t near the plaza which might have been a bit too noisy.

the staff were eager to help. they were not necessarily top trained hotel personnel (little things would show like they’d be a bit slow to react to things) but they did their jobs in good cheer.

the rooms were comfortable. clean and well-appointed. we didn’t get to try the breakfast (we skipped our free one and opted to gorge on ilocos empanada instead. more about that in a succeeding post) but we can’t see how it could be bad – the rest of the food at the hotel was fine (again, part of another post).

all in all though, what charmed us the most was the fact that this was a renovated old house that still maintained a lot of the look and feel of the original structure. the steps opened into a wide receiving area where one could actually sit and look out the windows and imagine, rather easily, what the town must have looked like in the olden days