siopao at mami – the last beijing post

In places on December 15, 2011 at 4:54 pm

at the corner of our hutong street, on the way to the bus station, we noticed a hole-in-the-wall place that had familiar steamers. dimsum! and it looked like a rather popular place too. the thing was, nobody in there spoke english and the menu had no english translation either. so we just pointed to an order that was coming out and asked for two of those.

it was a noodle soup with tomatoes and scrambled egg.

the noodles were roughly cut, more like torn strips from a sheet of dough – but we liked it because it made the whole thing more toothsome. the soup was not bad, but a little on the bland side. that’s because one has to season with black vinegar and this

with the condiments in, the soup became quite divine. at the door, we asked how much our bill was. the proprietor wrote down 12RMB. P72. for two huge bowls! neither of us managed to finish ours. this place was a true find.

while we were there, we noticed people taking out large amounts of something from the steamers. and so on our next trip, that’s what we ordered.

they were little siopaos

each about 2 or 3 bites and filled with a very tasty meatball. again, we were floored at how cheap it was. 5RMB or P35 for an order containing 10 pieces. no wonder the people were buying as many as 10 orders at a time.

we’ll actually never know what’s in those buns, but it really doesn’t matter – they were that good.


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