beijing hutong street food

In places on December 5, 2011 at 9:35 am

there were a number of food stalls in our hutong – and all were very tempting. so for one dinner, we decided to just do a little crawl of the street and eat whatever caught our fancy.

first up, stinky tofu (5RMB, P35)

a dish that truly deserves its name. fermented tofu topped with a chili sauce and lots of wansoy. smells like feet but is very very good. one serving is a good snack. and this is very popular – i love how the chinese kids go nuts over this.

in the stall beside this was takoyaki balls

not drastically different from the takoyaki balls here, but for something coming from a street stall, it was remarkably fresh.

the other very popular stand was one that sold skewered meat (photo here isn’t ours)

this went for 10RMB (P70) for 3 sticks. choice of lamb or chicken. they were indeed very tasty. the texture though was a little odd, particularly that of the lamb. it had the mouthfeel of gluten or veggie meat. so we’re not exactly sure how it’s done, but it’s also crazy popular and very yummy.

one favorite of ours was curry balls

think of your regular squid balls and fish balls (better than regular though, can actually taste fish) and soak them in a thick spicy curry broth. fantastic. and the menu had an english translation so we theoretically knew what we were eating. not particularly cheap at 25RMB (P150) for a set of lobster, squid, and fish balls, but oh so yummy.

at any given time, these stalls would be mobbed by kids going to the hutong to hang out. we have yet to try some other things like chicken wings or skewered mushrooms. which is good – we have new stuff to try next trip


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