finally, peking duck in peking

In places on November 12, 2011 at 2:44 pm

it took a year of planning and a lot of research to decide where to have duck. for food lovers like us, it was a very important decision. we knew we didn’t want the obvious tourist places quanjude and da dong. the duck from made in china at the beijing hyatt was very well reviewed but somehow swanky hotel just wasn’t us.

we decided on hua’s restaurant (huajia yiyuan) – a place acclaimed for its seafood, but also said to be using an old imperial duck recipe with a good array of condiments. so on our first dinner, after visiting the forbidden city and tianamen square, it was time for duck.

the restaurant was very nice. quiet, pleasant. courtyard style. and the duck? crisp, flavorful, melt-in-your-mouth awesomeness. even with all the anticipation we were not let down.

we had a half duck for 118 RMB (P800) and that came with a full suite of condiments and unlimited wrap. most restaurants have cucumber and something, but this place added pineapple, melon, and a few other things we honestly couldn’t identify

needless to say, we ate it all. sheer bliss.

to make sure our palates stayed nice and sharp, we also had hot and sour soup (28 RMB, P190) a bowl

the balance of hot and sour was perfect. but they also had an herb which made it bolder, gave it a fuller mouthfeel. a taste we haven’t encountered here at home. and this was the first indication we had that chinese food here was quite different from there.

after tasting peking duck in peking we now constantly dream of it. a true gastronomic delight.

and we highly recommend hua’s restaurant for this transcendent experience.

  1. Mmmm… peking duck! Now I’m hungry (again)…

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