more tagaytay eats: manos

In places on October 4, 2011 at 11:16 pm

every time i’m in tagaytay, i want to eat at manos, the greek taverna. during this little getaway, we finally did. we didn’t go to the one near the sta rosa road, we went to the one at the hellenic hotel with the ridge view. at the very bottom of the property was the taverna

it was a very pleasant experience for us because, it being a monday night, we had the place all to ourselves. and after reading the menu which contained a term paper on greek cuisine, we were all psyched to eat.

the food at manos is likely what home cooked food in greece is like. which is a good and bad thing.

our first dish was the tzatziki – yogurt with garlic and cucumber – served with pita bread

this was very good – and perhaps the best part of the meal. it was light and flavorful, the yogurt had a fresh tang to it. very nice. it’s easy to imagine how this could be a staple in many a greek home.

we had to have one of the more popular dishes and so we ordered the mousaka (aroundP150)

we enjoyed the flavors of this dish – rich and full. the texture of the potato layers were also remarkable. however, it was something that was obviously reheated. taken from the ref and plunked in the mircowave or something similar. i said that this is how households eat, but in a restaurant setting, it is certainly less than ideal.

we also tried the corfu-style chicken. stewed in cinnamon and cloves with onion leeks and raisins (around P240)

admittedly, we’re not sure how this dish is supposed to taste. it was interesting, but really sweet. should it have been that sweet? maybe. it was just a little… different. but we finished it nonetheless.

for dessert, of course, baklava

this was a bit of a downer. none of the finely layered pastry we were hoping for. what we got was a clump of nuts and weather-worn filo on top. not that it tasted bad, it was ok… but certainly not a dessert to return to.

so i suppose it’s a good thing we got to try manos. at least the mystique has disappeared. i can’t imagine we’d be returning to it soon. maybe for a beer and that tzatziki one day…

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