21, a bacolod institution

In places on September 8, 2011 at 9:27 am

from iloilo we went to bacolod to do two things: 1. visit camille’s brother and, 2. eat at aida’s. from our first write up about ideas found here, nothing much has changed. if anything, the chicken was actually better this time around.

the other interesting meal we had was lunch at 21, along lacson avenue. we were told that 21 started out as a garage carinderia place and has since grown into one of bacolod’s go-to places for special occasions.

for starters, we had kilaw na tanigue

their version is not the usual traditional kilaw. they added black beans and salted egg. it was interesting, to be sure, and nice to see an attempt at elevating or at least putting a twist to a classic. personally though i like kilaw in its original form, but this is certainly worth a shot.

we hardly had any vegetables in iloilo so we immediately ordered laswa – an ilonggo vegetable soup

this reminded me of the bulanglang of southern tagalog and made me think of asking for fish bagoong to go with it – but the dish didn’t really need the condiment, it was tasty as it was.

up next, two appetizers. fried isol (chicken ass) and buffalo wings

those wings were a revelation. spicy, crisp – right now the best buffalo wing i’ve had. what an interesting place to find it in! the dip was something i found skippable, but would willingly have those wings again any time.

the other dish we had was a restaurant bestseller, grilled squid stuffed with lemon grass

this we truly loved. take the inasal flavors and apply them to squid which was perfectly tender. fantastic.

and, this being bacolod, of course we had dessert – another restaurant recommendation, banana foster

very nice. nothing held back on the sweetness. the way dessert should be.

all in all the meal cost close to P1,000. not cheap for 3 people, but very satisfying. easy to see why 21 is a preferred dining out choice in these parts.


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