breakthrough in iloilo

In places on September 1, 2011 at 4:52 pm

one of the things we were most excited about our trip to iloilo was the good eats we knew we’d find. aside from classic ilonggo dishes, we were eager for seafood – and the popular breakthrough restaurant is enough to satisfy any seafood craving. unfortunately i cannot share any prices for not once did i see the menu. our very gracious hosts took care of everything from start to finish.

we actually ate in breakthrough twice. the first time was within 2 hours of landing in iloilo. of course we looked right away for oysters. over here they’re so fresh it’s like their harvested upon ordering

the beer is what kept us going actually. saved us from the perils of indigestion. the beer and the sinamak

and, in my opinion, breakthrough has the best sinamak i’ve ever tried.

the other delicacy that was a must-eat was diwal, angel clams. we had to have these since they’re native to this part of the country and quite hard to find elsewhere.

here we had them just steamed, which may not be the best idea because, being really big clams, they got a bit tough. we had them again baked and those were much better.

our second time at breakthrough, we had a feast. aside from the shellfish, we started with crispy crablets

these were very good. crunchy and fresh. very tasty. the rest of the spread included halabos na sugpo, kilaw na tanigue, and soup

and just when we thought we couldn’t eat any more, they served crab

not just any crab, but crab with this goodness inside

by the end of this meal i was quite dizzy. but happily filled with seafood glory to last me a long time. at least, until we return to iloilo


  1. i suddenly missed home beacuse of this post! ayayay! 🙂

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