champetre: when even countryside food is elevated

In eating in manila on August 19, 2011 at 12:13 pm

one of the restaurants we wished we could’ve visited more often was je suis gourmand at the fort. so it was with great dismay we found out it was closing. it’s a good thing it didn’t stay closed for long and reincarnated as champetre in the same location. the menu retains a lot of favorites. we started with escargot bourguignonne (P490)

the secret, people say, is in the butter used. and after tasting this, we believe it. the butter was flavorful but not overpowering, allowing the fresh parsley to burst through. the meat, very succulent.

camille’s main course was a chicken stewed in tomatoes and fresh vegetables (i’m afraid i don’t remember the name of the dish)

this dish was hefty. two quarter chickens and for under P400, great value. and it was very hearty. the restaurant is themed after country-style food and this dish is a great example of that. i can imagine this being done in french farm kitchens using whatever vegetables happen to be in season.

my main was the butter-seared beef onglet – butcher’s cut steak (P690)

this is one of the restaurant best sellers and it’s easy to see why. the meat is done perfectly – thick and tender. buttery and gamey at the same time. loved it. and those fries? perfection.

although quite full, we were still in the mood for dessert – and it’s a good thing we went for it. when we saw the menu, we noticed a number of ice cream flavors and decided to try the grand marnier with candied orange. the ice creams were priced at P120 and we thought we’d be getting a nice, dainty scoop. but no, we got a glassful.

and this ice cream was dee-licous! the find of the night. tip: unless you’re an ice cream monster, share this. it’s a lot.

we’re already figuring out when we can go back. we actually already know what to order. but whatever it is we’re having, we’re certainly having that ice cream again.


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