bellini’s – a welcome warm spot in the heart of cubao

In eating in manila on June 29, 2011 at 7:40 pm

it was a flurry of italian food for us that ended last saturday night at bellini’s located at cubao x, the former marikina shoe expo. bellini’s has been around for 12 years and has a loyal following although this was only the second time i’ve been there. camille suggested it for a dinner date after coming from the andrew lloyd webber show, and it was the perfect place to go.

the place itself has enough to keep the diner interested even without the food

we heard somewhere that the proprietor was a former member of the italian paparazzi and so the walls are lined with gossip magazine covers and articles. in italian, true, but the language of gossip is universal and it was easy to tell what the headlines were about.

it also doesn’t hurt to have cute bread sticks

the only other time i was in bellini’s, i remember their antipasti selection was pretty good and so we ordered the small sampler (around P250)

on the plate: bell pepper in olive oil, mushrooms and garlic, a little eggplant with olive oil and vinegar, and some salted fish. it was all very tasty – albeit somewhat crowded. our wine was a pinot nero from friuli in northern italy and was perfect for the antipasti.

of course we had a pasta dish. a simple spaghetti bolognese (around P250)

a bolognese is a tricky thing. being the ye old spaghetti with meat sauce, pretty much everybody who cooks has a recipe tucked in their arsenal. so it’s a bit hard to be impressed by a bolognese. bellini’s isn’t particularly spectacular, but it is quite good. full of flavor with perfect texture.

the other dish we had was an osso buco (around P350)




this we enjoyed a lot. it had all the rich flavor and tenderness of meat that has been simmering for a loooong time. it was a bit unfortunate that were too full to finish the whole serving, but it’s something to keep in mind as we can always go back to have it again.

no dessert this time as we were already stuffed. but now we’re contemplating the full italian meal (from aperitif, to the 4 food courses, to the coffee and digestive) and bellini’s is as good a place as any to do this.


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