costa nostra, bidding farewell to a malate institution

In eating in manila on June 28, 2011 at 1:28 pm

camille and i are thrilled that we are classmates with bambi harper. she is one of the classiest and wittiest ladies ever and we aspire to be like her someday. right now though, we have to content ourselves with being able to hang out with her and a couple of weeks ago we did just that – a 3 hour lunch at her malate restaurant, cosa nostra.

cosa nostra is a small place, a very elegant and charming hole-in-the-wall italian restaurant

while waiting for our food, we ate up the cheese dip that was already on the table. not on the menu, but a blend of cheeses that our gracious hostess brought over

the wine was homenaje rosado from navarra, one of our favorites that we brought over for the occasion.

for lunch proper, we started with a cosa nostra favorite, pesto pizza

what makes this pizza yummy is that slab of mozarella cheese in the middle of each slice. fantastic.

we had 2 pastas, first was penne with roasted vegetables

the picture says it all. this dish was loaded with veggie goodness, nothing scrimped. and very very flavorful.

the other pasta dish we had was spaghetti with taba ng talangka

if you must die from a cholesterol overload, this is the way to do it. this dish isn’t unique to cosa nostra, but they do it best. oozing with crab fat, with crab sticks thrown in for good measure.

cosa nostra will close in 2 days, after 30 years of serving wonderful food. i myself only started going there this year so most of the restaurant’s legacy is not something i am privy to. but i will still miss it, and now feel some regret about not having gone sooner.

on behalf of all the people who were well-fed by cosa nostra i want to say, bambi, kuya lito, ate tess, maraming salamat.


  1. Why did they close??? :((

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