ilustrado: an old-world date

In eating in manila on June 15, 2011 at 12:20 pm

thanks (yet again) to deal grocer, we got 50% off a 4-course dinner from ilustrado in intramuros. intramuros is one of those places you should visit now and again if only to bask in the old-world feel of the place and imagine this manila when it was a stunning spanish fortress.

ilustrado is a restaurant that stays true to this spirit, starting with its interiors

the menu that was served was supposed to be the same or at least similar to what was served the king and queen of spain during their visit. for starters, lobster bisque

a perfect way to start the meal. intense, concentrated lobster flavors. a punch on the palate. the small cup is exactly the right size – you don’t need more with such bold flavors.

then came the paella

this was a good, solid paella. nothing great but the basics were all right and it was generous with the ingredients. the next dish was another spanish classic, callos

this was also good but not sensational. it had all the right flavors, but could have used a bit more intensity that could’ve come from more cooking time. but all in all, pretty good.

but it was the dessert that blew us away. it was, on the surface, a simple mango jubilee.

the ice cream was a perfect vanilla, but the real charm came from an undertone of flowers. mixed with the sweet tartness of the mango and the thick syrup, it was a very memorable dessert.

because of the deal, the meal cost P1,250 for two people. that was a small price to pay for what was overall – including the romance of intramuros – a great experience.

  1. nice blog you have here! 🙂

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