as if we haven’t gushed enough – one more on angelina’s

In places on May 16, 2011 at 2:04 pm

we can’t leave the discussion of memorable dishes at angelina’s without talking about the seafood risotto we had one lunch

again, one of those things we marveled at how they could create this on an island that doesn’t even have a drugstore. the risotto was packed with seafood goodness, sign of a really well-made stock. and the texture of the rice was just right. in the middle of us eating, the proprietor came over and asked if we had it with lemon – which we hadn’t, so she marched into the kitchen and marched out with a lemon and instructed us to squeeze a bit onto the risotto. it was fantastic. the tartness was perfect to round out the flavors.

one night we also had pizza – but of course!

the good things about this pizza are those that make italian pizza great. the simplicty, first of all. this pizza was spinach and parmesan cheese. that’s it. and the individual flavors really came out. with pizza, less is really better. then the crust. this was thin and crisp, quite impressively so.

and last, but most certainly not the least. dessert.

chocolate panna cotta that was… To.Die.For. perfect texture. smooth and creamy. if ever there was gelatin, we couldn’t detect it. and the flavors – out of this world. i have yet to try a better panna cotta.

our only regret is that this restaurant is too far to visit all the time. had it been any nearer QC, we’d go broke. but as it is, angelina’s is one very very good reason to visit malapascua.

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