two salads at angelina’s

In places on May 14, 2011 at 10:22 am

one lunch we wanted to have something cool and light – especially with the intense summer beach sun. i’ve always been fond of the insalata caprese – tomatoes, mozarella, olive oil – and was excited to try what angelina’s did with this. on their menu, insalata di capri

as far as i could tell, this wasn’t real buffalo mozarella – but it hardly made a difference. the salad was light and very very flavorful. each component bursting through.

the other salad we tried was a bean and onion salad during one dinner

this was literally just beans, onions, some tomato with olive oil salt and pepper. not a dish commonly found in italian restaurants in the philippines (perhaps due to its sparseness), but this was quite good. not something we would have automatically put together either but a great combination with the beans mellowing out the huge bite of the onion.

each salad was around the P250 mark – but the portions were good enough for two.

perfect for hot beach weather

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