on finding grilled fish on an island

In places on May 10, 2011 at 11:22 am

for our 4 days on the island, we were hell bent on finding what we felt should be typical island food – grilled seafood, seaweed, shellfish, that sort of thing. the great irony though is that these things were not readily available in malapascua. our theory was that the locals don’t sell them being food they catch or pick for their own daily consumption.

we got our grilled fish fix by harassing our “canvasser” named seasun. the island has a number of these canvassers or fixers, which they actually are, to book tours for you or take you sightseeing. or in our case, find fish.

so seasun the canvasser took us to a beach side grill stall which had a stock of chicken, chorizo, and now and then, fish

we picked our fish from a cooler

they then cleaned it, stuffed the cavity silly with onion and salt, and tossed it on the grill

with this we had puso – cebu’s famous leaf-wrapped rice

all in all, this meal cost P108. the puso being the P8 part. the trick is to order a big fish because they charge P100/fish regardless of size.

but we only did this meal twice, having quickly exhausted the fish repertoire of the stall. maybe as more people visit malapascua, the seafood business will steadily grow.


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