a little slice of beach paradise at tepanee

In places on May 8, 2011 at 9:37 pm

we really wanted the beach this holy week, but were afraid of the crowds. not really having the budget to do a super upscale place, we figured on looking for a place that wasn’t so well-known yet. the first thing we decided was malapascua island off cebu. and after combing the web, we booked our stay at tepanee beach resort.

the communications were very good and we were informed that the first night we’d have to spend at their adjacent resort called logon beach resort. it shared the same beach as tepanee, just with more basic rooms. it wasn’t bad at all, actually – the logon room having a really great view.

the room had no airconditioning, but was prepared for open windows and any entering bugs

this cost P1,500 but the next day we moved to tepanee which had more modern cottages outfitted with a ref, aircon, and running hot water. at P2,700/night it was still quite reasonable.

the best part about staying here was that we had our own strip of beach that we didn’t have to share with anybody else

it was a good beach with marvelous white sand. the main beach stretch actually had a fantastically wide stretch of powdery white sand – what i would imagine boracay to have looked like decades ago. but that stretch is dotted with places to stay making it rather populated. we truly cherished the privacy and were happy to be in a place that was the result of the dream – the owners having left their jobs in italy to put up a beach resort on an island they loved. it was a great way to spend the holiday benefitting from that dream


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