bacolod dining: 2 soups and a slice of pie

In places on May 4, 2011 at 12:29 pm

our favorite part of our quick bacolod trip was going around silay. love the old houses and the old-world atmosphere of the whole city. of course, merienda had to be in el ideal, the 90-year-old bakery. we had fresh lumpia (which people said we must try) and an ilonggo classic, la paz batchoy (P70).

the color of the broth alone showed the richness. lots of pork and liver goodness in there making every other batchoy i’ve tried seem watered down. they were also quite generous in the meat and chicharon bits making it a very filling and flavorful soup.

in el ideal, we also had the guapple pie (P30)

made from a fruit that’s a hybrid of an apple and a guava and, i think, native to this part of the country. it was flavored like a regular apple pie, but the fruit itself gave a good twist on the taste being quite tangy with a little tartness. another thing we loved about it was that it had this feel of a homemade pie – it wasn’t too refined, but was very comforting.

for our last lunch, before heading to the airport, we had a nice big bowl of kansi (P220)

the ilonggo’s own version of bulalo. beef shank – make sure you have the bone in – with a sour element making it a combination of the tagalog bulalo and sinigang. the broth tastes like the beef has been simmering for more than a day making it incredibly tasty. but the big difference is the souring agent, batu-an, a relative of the tamarind. so the sourness is more subtle than sinigang, but adding great personality and roundedness.

we ate in a carinderia type place called sharyn’s which is beside another popular place called connie’s. very very good.

so our dining lesson for this trip was that for ilonggo food, it’s always best to have the real thing. somehow the places in manila, good as the efforts are, just don’t have the same zing to them.

  1. A guapple is all-guava, just an apple-sized one 🙂 Not a hybrid of the two 🙂 I enjoyed eating in El Ideal also.

    • oh! thank you for letting me know – i was initially misinformed. thanks for the correction 🙂

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