aida’s: one of bacolod’s go-to inasal places

In places on May 2, 2011 at 5:44 pm

when in bacolod, one must eat – and one must eat inasal. camille kept telling me that nothing in manila comes close to the real thing – and she was right.

as soon as we had a dinner slot free, we headed to manokan – the part of the city (across from SM) that’s a strip of carinderia-type joints all serving inasal. it is very confusing with all the tempting smells, but we had a goal in mind – a place that everybody told us we should head off to – aida’s.

once we got there, a girl came up to us with a slip of paper and a pen. no menu. she was just standing there waiting for us to mention chicken parts we wanted grilled. we were prepared: 2 paa (leg and thigh), 2 orders of pakpak (6 wings in all) and 1 pecho (breast).

and, since we felt we were near clean waters, we had a plate of oysters to go with the chicken

taken with 2 cups of rice soaked in achuete oil and washed down with a couple of beers, this was a meal made in grill heaven. the whole thing cost us just P325 and the experience just made us hanker to get back to bacolod as soon as we possibly can. for this, to date, is the best grilled chicken ever made as far as we’re concerned.


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