snacking in senado square

In places on April 25, 2011 at 12:42 pm

senado square is like a catch basin in macau. full of tourists catching the sites, locals doing a little shopping… but one thing not to be missed in this most popular of places is to eat.

we had lunch at the square- or, more accurately, one of the alleys from the square. we had a curry noodle soup that bore a very strong resemblance to laksa

this was very filling and quite spicy. perfect on a cold day – which it was.

but the best part of senado snacking are the alley stalls that display a whole bunch of things on skewers or chunks of things that, due to a major language barrier, we couldn’t identify.

so we just pointed to things that looked vaguely familiar and the lady threw them in a pot of boiling water. when they were cooked, she cut them up into bite sizes, put them in a bowl and poured in a very flavorful curry sauce

this was fantastic. very hearty and tasty, and quite reasonable at around MOP25 or Php 130. no wonder the benches are full of people wolfing down a bowl. this, perhaps, is the one must-try in senado square. all it takes is a little willingness to point at even the unknown.

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