fernando’s – one of macau’s dining institutions

In places on April 11, 2011 at 6:13 pm

one restaurant we had been constantly hearing about was fernando’s on coloane island and for this trip we were determined to find it. turns out, fernando’s is right by the last bus stop in coloane (the hac sa stop), by the sea and lovely. as we were entering, somebody told us we’d be eating in an hour – we thought it was an exaggeration, but it wasn’t. the line was loooong and we were on the second page of the wait list

the menu was in portugese and chinese so it was a challenge. we had these huge hunks of bread to keep us from starving and think about what to order

we decided on a pork dish – originally we wanted the suckling pig. but lost in translation, we ended up with the asado instead

the flavors of this were remarkably subtle. the pork was tender and moist and very tasty. we expected a heavy hitting dish but were very pleasantly surprised by the layers of contrasts.

we also had the bacalao – cooked with lots of olive oil and garlic

bacalao is a very salty fish and as such this dish packed quite a wallop. we could really only consume half of it – meant for large groups taking nice dainty bites. but it did have excellent flavor and was quite an experience.

we had a very good portugese wine, a duoro, to go with all these making the meal memorable.

fernando’s isn’t one of those hole-in-the-wall cheap eateries – but it’s inexpensive for the sort of quality you get. all in all we paid something like 130 macau dollars or under P1,000 including the wine. very very good value.

easy to understand why fernando’s is a must-try in macau, and well worth the hour-long wait for a table.


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