eating in bohol – off the menu

In places, Uncategorized on March 23, 2011 at 10:21 am

the best dishes we’ve had in cebu were actually those not found on regular menus. like this seaweed salad

we asked the resort kitchen to buy some lato (seaweed) in the market and they were happy to oblige. they just charged us for the seaweed and a P50 prep charge. not bad at all!

the other find happened one day when we were lounging by the beach and we saw these people walking by carrying buckets.

looked like a fresh catch of something so we ran down and peered into the buckets and saw these

aninikad, or a small sea snail a relative of the popular bahamian conch. freshly harvested from the seagrass. looked perfect – and at P15 for a 1-liter container, a no-brainer buy. so we took our haul to the kitchen and asked them to make a soup

it was warm and gingery and tasted of the sea. perfect. that P15 buy plus the P50 cooking charge lasted us two meals. memorable.

so now we’ve determined to try this at every island place we go – ask where we can find fresh local catch and have it prepared. we have a sneaking suspicion that whatever it is, it will surely be good.


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