food at linaw beach resort

In places on March 21, 2011 at 10:32 am

since we were at linaw which wasn’t near any restaurant strip, we mostly ate at the resort. for our first dinner there, we decided to order their speciality, the seafood platter

this had 2 lobsters, a crab, a bunch of shrimp, some squid and some cooked clams. at P550/head, it is indeed cheap. unfortunately, it wasn’t all that good. the seafood was largely overcooked removing most of the succulence. the cooks at linaw also have this love affair with an herb (we’re not sure, we think it’s oregano) that they use much too liberally.

dessert was much better: grilled pineapple with chocolate sauce and ice cream

linaw offers a buffet breakfast. but at the price of P350, it wasn’t worth it. the selection was too small. instead, we discovered on the menu bacon and eggs for P90. that was much more like it

this had enough bacon and egg to make us happy each morning. so yeah, we had it everyday. with some yogurt to ease the cholesterol levels.

the nice surprise we discovered at linaw was their pizza

the crusts would be think and crisp and the tops perfectly gooey. as soon as we tried one, we just kept going having pizza for merienda, dinner… at around P200 per pizza, it wasn’t bad at all.

but the best meals we had in bohol were the ones not found on any menu – and will be the subject of the next post.

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