a weekday lunch date at cav

In eating in manila on March 13, 2011 at 9:28 pm

we availed of a voucher from deal grocer which entitled us to a three-course lunch from cav for P490 (50% discount). the voucher specified we had to go on a weekday, so we did. one tuesday we headed out in eager anticipation. honestly, i was more excited about the wine because i knew cav had this

a selection of over a dozen wines that we could try either with tasting portions, half glass or a full glass. but since it was the middle of the day, we only had enough wine to go with lunch which was, rightfully, the star of the show.

starting with a smoked salmon salad

a great way to start lunch. very bright and vibrant flavors. and what’s not to like about smoked salmon?

main course was braised lamb shoulder

this was good, but not great. it was the tenderness of the lamb that really impressed me the most. the pork twill on top – which tasted almost like chinese pork floss – added a nice counterpoint to the dish.

but the best course had to be dessert. a deconstructed carrot cake

first of all, we’re suckers for anything served on tiles. and this dessert was just overall clever. the swirls on the side was the icing and the classic cinnamon taste actually came from the ice cream. the orange squares on top of the cake was carrot jelly. very nice.

i don’t know if this meal was worth the full price of P890. probably not. but at P490, it was certainly a good deal and one we were more than happy to have sampled.

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