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sonya’s garden.

In places on February 18, 2011 at 8:14 pm

been hearing about sonya’s garden for a loooongggg time, but it was only a month ago that i finally got to really experience it. we decided to spend the night and it was quite a unique experience.

we booked a room at their bed and breakfast for P3,400 per person. not the cheapest of rates, but we thought that since it included both dinner and breakfast it would be worth it. well, it was worth it and then some.

first, the room. most places would have a big bed – double or queen or king – a bathroom, maybe a little couch. well our room had 3 queen beds. and 3 daybeds. and 2 bathrooms.

given there were only two of us, we were awed at the space. so we had allotted a bed for reading, a bed for wine, a bed for sleeping, 2 beds for picture taking – and we still had a couple left over! even the bathroom had a daybed!

this generosity extends to their meals. dinner consisted of a mini salad buffet. a bowl of greens and smaller servings of other salad fixings like nuts, cheese, etc. after that came pasta – the same concept. a big bowl of pasta with small dishes of things like mushrooms, fish, etc. for drinks they served fresh orange juice. not a couple of glasses, a whole pitcher.

breakfast had the same concept. for the filipino breakfast it was rice and adobo and daing na bangus and eggs. for the continental there was cereal, bacon, and an omelet. this came with a pot (a whole pot!) of hot chocolate for me and a pot of coffee for camille.

we just loved the feeling of not having been scrimped on. the dishes were lovely, the decor opulent. and when we checked out, they didn’t even inspect the room to see if everything was intact. love how they treat their guests.

oh, and it’s a bonus that sonya is a dog lover. we found this adorable little girl wandering around the premises.