albert center – bugis hawker center

In places on January 16, 2011 at 11:47 am

since our hotel was very near the bugis area, this was the hawker place nearest us – maybe a 3 minute walk. and boy, were we glad we had this right around the corner

our first breakfast, we had duck on noodles

and fried dumplings (in the background is our coffee and milk tea)

both dishes were very good and quite cheap. the dumplings were SG$1 and the duck noodles around $1.80. in general, we noticed this place was cheaper than the other hawker places and had a higher concentration of locals – always a good thing.

one lunch we had fried oysters

and laksa

the laksa was interesting because the stall was kind of a buffet thing. for SG$6, you can fill your bowl with ingredients and then they just cook it up and put in broth. i enjoyed this one quite a bit.

the albert center was a fortunate discovery for us, and a place we would want to go back to. so many things left to try and this hawker center seems to be a really good place to sample lots of dishes.

  1. At first, I read the title as “…burgis…” so I thought, “parang oxymoron.” Hahaha

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