lau pa sat – one of the older and more popular hawker stalls in singapore

In places on January 14, 2011 at 10:04 pm

for our last dinner, we decided to ask the hotel staff for a recommendation. our only condition was that it should be a hawker place. one suggestion was lau pa sat around raffles avenue. since we were headed to that part of town, that’s where we decided to eat.

the place is apparently a tourist attraction in itself having been opened as a market in the late 1800s. today, it’s a food center surrounded by the tall buildings of the central business district

the structure is quite charming, marred only by the rather awful live entertainment at the center.

not having had dimsum at all during the trip, we decided to try that starting with a vegetable dumpling

this was followed by the one thing i always have at any chinese place: shrimp dumplings or hakaw

the outstanding quality of these dumplings were their lightness. the dough was nowhere near as thick as what we’re used to here. the wrapping was really more of just a vessel to keep the filling in. much appreciated. very nice. sadly, this was the best part of the meal.

next up was popia

it wasn’t bad, but after all the hefty chinese lumpia here in manila, this one felt like it lacked in muscle.

then we had what we really came for: crab. first up, chili

from the outset it was already a little disappointing because the crab was on the scrawny side. but then it was really not fun because the sauce tasted bottled. like one of these sweet chili sauces from del monte. sad.

a little better was the black pepper crab

i love the concept of this dish, and trying this at lau pa sat gave us the idea: we should go back to toa payoh and have it there.

  1. Try Chomp Chomp in Serangoon next time. If ever you need directions, drop me a message. I might even join you 🙂

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