dining at rock inn – sagada dining part 2

In places on December 24, 2010 at 12:18 am

we had the majority of our meals at the inn, partly due to the curfew but largely because they had a pretty good looking menu themselves. we wanted to try log cabin, but it was closed the day we went

our favorite meal at rock inn was breakfast. we tried their tuna and mushroom omelet

this isn’t a gourmet dish by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s definitely a good way to start the day. it’s filling and healthy, and quite tasty without being too dense.

the other dish we tried – which we liked to the point of imitating it was red rice with vegetables, bacon and egg. and the whole thing had a curry flavor to it

we loved this, plain and simple. it seemed like a whimsical dish – throwing in whatever they could find in their kitchen including leftover curry powder, but the result was very good. a must-try in my opinion.

we also had a couple of dinners at rock in. we tried their beef in red sauce, which was supposed to be a bit spicy

honestly, not spicy enough. it wasn’t bad, just didn’t pack the punch we were hoping it would have.

also tried the sisig

i have, and will always have, a problem with mayonnaise on sisig. it just isn’t right. rock inn’s “sisig” was overly mayonnaised. now that being said, and this applies to all establishments who put mayo instead of what should be pork brain, just call your dish something else. it doesn’t taste bad, really. this sample from rock inn was nice. tasty and comforting on a chilly night. just don’t call it sisig.

but generally, yes – it’s worth having a meal or two at the inn. the surroundings are so pleasant, that’s already half the experience. prices are just the same as those anywhere. just make sure you have breakfast

  1. Hi April! I agree with you about mayonnaise on sisig. I hate it. The most recent one I had was at Romulo’s yata. It’s just not right. Doesn’t taste good at all.

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