the famous yogurt house – dining in sagada

In places on December 21, 2010 at 3:44 pm

almost everybody who has been to sagada told us to try eating at yogurt house. even the owners of rock farm recommended it. so as soon as we arrived, ragged and starving from the very very cold bus ride, we made our way to this extremely popular eating place. the menu contains a number of continental dishes, salads, pastas, and of course yogurt. being in the mountains, we knew we had to start with a garden salad

vegetables this fresh really have a different sweetness and crunch to them. it’s almost a crime not to eat them this way.

we had a pasta dish – with tomato sauce and mushrooms

this was tasty, but i was wondering if the mushrooms were canned. i sure hope not, but they could’ve been.

we also had roast chicken on top of potato rosti

this was great. hearty and filling. enough to warm us up. the chicken was moist and tender – something not many restaurants manage.

for dessert, the specialty of the house

i love yogurt and frozen yogurt, but all that i’ve eaten here in manila didn’t prepare me for the sagada yogurt experience. this stuff in the pic is the real deal. it’s thick and barely sweetened. it isn’t creamy in that milky sort of way, but it is smooth. it was so pure i could feel my digestion getting better with every spoonful.

the meal wasn’t cheap though. each dish was close to the P200 mark. except the yogurt which was under P100. i realized food in sagada in general is a bit pricey, simply because of the difficulty in logistics – getting supplies up, etc. but dining at the yogurt house is certainly worth it. and yes, this yogurt is really the bomb.


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